Spray on, wipe off and let everyday dirt and stains disappear

Spray on, wipe off and let everyday dirt and stains disappear

Spray on and wipe off. Yes, it's that easy. Our multipurpose Eucalyptus Spray cleans and sanitise most hard surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom, removes stains from carpets, clothes, furnishings and car upholstery.  

Where to use:

      • bench tops, vanities, sinks, basins, baths, showers and toilets or floors
      • carpets and furnishings
      • clothing - spot stains, collars cuffs and underarms
      • car - remove tar off paintwork, stains from upholstery and stale odours of any kind

What customers say?

My honest opinion on the product is it's great, no streaks when using on mirrors, the smell is amazing. Leaves clients homes smelling fresh and clean, it's multipurpose so you can use it in everything. It disinfects as well as clean surfaces. Leave them shiny, works great in glass, shower doors once it's all been scrubbed and dried. Personally I like using it today. And you can use as floor cleaner. Doesn't leave the harsh chemical smell either. Instead houses are refreshed an all round great product. The bottles I love, they spray nicely, they are quite durable and awesome. Hope my photos helped. I used the products all day today in with some of the other stuff I have on me. You can even pop a drop or 2 into steam cleaner and that refreshes things too.

JAZ- Jaz Cleaning Crew Ltd


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