For cleaning and freshening you can’t beat

For cleaning and freshening you can’t beat

Our products are amazingly strong and “as natural as they can be” while providing exceptional cleaning, sanitising and freshening results without using harsh or toxic chemicals. Clean and sanitise bench tops using eucalyptus oil an methylated spirits mixture - spray on and wipe off or wipe over with damp cloth moistened with mixture.


For a more cost effective and efficient way to use eucalyptus oil when cleaning around the home, mix 25% Eucalyptus Oil with 75% Bioethanol and use for any of the cleaning uses you currently use pure Eucalyptus Oil for. This is a particularly good mixture where you do not want any residue left behind – it will completely evaporate.

Dilute this further with water and a small squirt of dishwashing liquid for general floor / hard surface cleaning. Use the same as you normally would for an incredible result.

If you add 10 – 25% Eucalyptus Oil to the Eucalyptus Oil you already use you will find it to have a much stronger and longer lasting fragrance – meaning you can usually use less to achieve the same result. In a 200mL (or bigger size) of any other eucalyptus oil available in the supermarket just add 50mL of our Eucalyptus oil and you won’t believe the difference it makes!!!.

Note: Always patch test when using Eucalyptus Oil or mixtures containing Eucalyptus Oil when cleaning as some surfaces and fabrics can be affected.



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