Say YES to nature and NO to chemicals!

Welcome to the NZ home of Australian Eucalyptus and Enviro-cleanz natural cleaning products.

As a modern Kiwi family we are proud to bring you our range of amazing natural cleaning, freshening and sanitising products for use in every Kiwi home that wants to be healthier by using fewer chemicals and minimising the usage of any cleaning products in the home environment.

Our products are amazingly strong so you use very little. They have a beautiful natural aroma and are made “as natural as they can be” while providing exceptional cleaning, sanitising and freshening results without using harsh or toxic chemicals. These are the only products we use in our home and hope that you will join us in saying yes to nature and NO to chemicals in your home – that’s the future we want for all Kiwi families.

Why our Eucalyptus oil is the world’s best!

· Authentic Eucalyptus oil is produced only in Australia. You would be shocked to learn that nearly all Eucalyptus oil sold in New Zealand is produced in China.
· Eucalyptus oil produced in China comes from a Eucalyptus variety that is much weaker in strength and odour.
· While there are hundreds of different varieties of Eucalyptus growing naturally in Australia only a very small number can be used to produce medicinal quality Eucalyptus oil.
· With only a few traditional harvesting areas in Australia still producing Eucalyptus oil, the world’s highest quality medicinal grade Eucalyptus oil is now produced from commercial scale plantings that are grown and processed in much more eco-friendly ways and with future downstream processing of the spent biomass into biochar and green energy still to come.
· While the quality of the raw oil is significantly greater than from the traditional areas, we further enhance the raw oil we obtain through skilful combining and specialised processing that delivers a truly stunning oil unmatched and unsurpassed worldwide, to the absolute delight of Eucalyptus lovers.
· If you are a Kiwi or Aussie user here in NZ, come and check us out - if it’s not as good as we say, we offer a complete money-back guarantee to genuine purchasers who are not satisfied.
· And just remember if does NOT say PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA on the label you know it’s not authentic pure Australian Eucalyptus oil.

Educare University

Our History

· My journey into the amazing world of Eucalyptus began when I was a little girl and my uncle would stay with Mum and Dad and amaze us with Australian Eucalyptus products the company he would later lead (see in LinkedIn as Bosisto's were selling in New Zealand).

· Mum absolutely loved Eucalyptus and every home I grew up in was always filled with the amazingly fresh scent that was so lovely. It was a natural progression for me after I was married and wanting to start our own business that together we visited my uncle Mike in Australia to begin our journey developing a Eucalyptus brand exclusively for the Kiwi market - Eucalyptus based on Mike's knowledge and experience with Eucalyptus and many other natural ingredients.

· Mike continues to play an active role in NZ, creating awareness for Eucalyptus and developing new products that take the place of chemicals in homes as well as documenting and passing on his incredible and detailed knowledge for our future development.

Educare University

Our Vision & Values

· To create effective natural products that are so delightful to use that all Kiwis and their families will want to say YES to nature and NO to toxic chemicals.
· To encourage all Kiwis to value and preserve our unique natural environment by providing high quality refillable and durable packaging to encourage re-use and the elimination of waste.
· To encourage and support community co-operatives to eliminate waste and chemicals by making our products available in bulk for members' use.
· To educate all Kiwis on the benefits of using natural products and eliminating waste by leading by example and using responsible marketing practices.
· To share the love we have for our pristine natural environment by putting aside a portion of all profits to help the neediest in our community to live in clean and hygienic surroundings without needing to resort to chemically based poor quality products and wasteful packaging that damages the environment in which we all live.

Our Goal

· To become a leading Kiwi environmental household brand providing naturally effective, safe products that don’t cost the earth.