In natural strength synergy and simplicity are the building blocks of all life.So, too, is the philosophy behind our products. Strength, synergy and simplicity are combined in many different ways to acheive versatility and usefulness.Natural ingredients contain many highly effective and truly amazing compounds as practitioners of natural medicine will know.

Essential Oils

Essential oils - all essential oils are 100% pure and premium quality as well as being pharmaceutical or food grade.

  • 100% pure premium quality Australian Eucalyptus oil 
  • 100% pure premium quality Australian tea tree oil 
  • 100% pure pharmaceutical quality lavender oil 
  • 100% pure premium quality Australian lemon myrtle oil
  • 100% pure peppermint oil BP/USP

Other Ingredients

Most other ingredients are pharmaceutical or food grade where such grades are available.

  • 100% pure naturally fermented bioethanol
  • Decyl Glucoside - naturally derived and sustainably sourced
  • Lauryl glucoside - naturally derived and sustainably sourced
  • Ethoxylated alcohol (soap) naturally derived and sustainably sourced
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium Metasilicate
  • Sodium Phosphate - food grade
  • Purified water

How strong is their odour and how natural is it?

 Odour can be such a trigger that I know you will delighted when you smell our products and use them for the first time.The gloriously pure essential oils we combine with our specially prepared bases’ natural odours are simply being themselves by being divine, beautiful, colourful, calming, and invigorating to our senses as they are released into your environment by their own natural volatility or carried within an ethanol fine mist spray or solution that freshens, cleans and sanitises as they go. There are simply no (TOXIC) chemicals or their chemical odours as our products do not contain any. 

Why not organic?

As the developer, I'm happy to report my products are self-preserving, antibacterial, sanitising and much more - highly effective and essentially chemical free.

What is the issue with water in products?

Most personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical labels have the ingredients listed in descending order with the largest first in commercial brands. Water has two purposes - the lesser to enhance the formula and effectiveness and the greater is to fatten profits by using fewer chemical active ingredients. I prefer to make ultra strong products so our customers can choose to dilute further if desired - with their preferred quality of water, tap or other.In all our products water is only present if required to improve the effectiveness of the product.