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The Perfect Cleaning Bundle

The Perfect Cleaning Bundle

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Our Perfect Cleaning Bundle is the perfect pack to cover all aspects of cleaning your entire home.

Our Pack Includes:

- Enviro-cleanz Multipurpose Cleaner - This is a very concentrated formula that you can use with water for all your cleaning floors, kitchen and bathroom areas or wherever needs to be cleaned, you can also use this in the laundry to get rid of any unpleasant odours or as a soaker, on vehicle for any tar, grease.

- Enviro-cleanz Spray & Clean for Mould - This is made up with Eucalyptus and Clove Oil, it is highly effective and will work together to kill and suppress mould growth. You can use this on most hard surfaces where mould is in your home.

-Enviro-cleanz Eucalyptus Spray -This is one of our top selling products, it is a great cleaner for making all of your kitchen appliances sparkling clean, and bathrooms. You can use this in your Kitchens,  Bathrooms, Laundry areas. Its is a great natural way of removing stain out of clothes or carpets and furnishings and  deodorise or freshen your household areas.

Enviro-cleanz Spray & Clean - This spray is a must for your household, it is highly effective for all areas around your home. Super handy on your as bench spray and will also work great for cleaning bathrooms to. 

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Naturally Safe

While this product is good to the enviroment, all detergents have an effect on the planet we live on. Please use the minimum required.

Superior Natural Performance

Our products are amazingly strong and “as natural as they can be” while providing exceptional cleaning, sanitising and freshening results without using harsh or toxic chemicals.

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